8 Plants With Flowers That Look Like Lavender

Russian sage.

With finely dissected, silvery leaves and narrow spikes of tiny, tubular purple flowers, Russian sage resembles lavender closely. Its foliage gives off a pleasant scent.

Spanish sage.

A smaller, hardier salvia, Spanish sage grows to just one and a half feet tall and wide. Its narrow, gray-green foliage closely resembles lavender. Highly aromatic, the plant smells like rosemary.


Hyssop is a short-lived, semi-evergreen perennial that grows to one or two feet tall. It has an upright habit and works well in settings from low hedges to rock gardens. Spikes of purple to blue, fragrant flowers bloom above narrow.

Mexican bush sage.

Also called velvet sage, Mexican bush sage features spikes of persistent purple calyces with white corollas appearing in late summer for a stunning bicolor display. It has lance-shaped, gray-green leaves and grows three feet tall with a bushy habit.


True to its name, catmint has a minty aroma but shouldn t be confused with catnip. Catmint has a compact, upright habit and grows up to three feet tall, producing spikes of blue, lavender, pink, or white flowers.


Rosemary has foliage similar to lavender, with darker green leaves and a piney scent. This perennial evergreen can grow as tall as four to six feet. Its tiny, pale blue, pink, or white flowers grow in small clusters along the branches.

Anise hyssop.

Not a true hyssop, anise hyssop is native to parts of the upper Midwest and Great Plains. Growing two to four feet tall, it produces terminal spikes of small, purple flowers in mid- to late summer.

Marsh blazing star.

With bottlebrush flowering spikes, marsh blazing star resembles a larger, showier lavender plant. It has grass-like foliage and grows three to six feet tall. With a clumping habit, marsh blazing star looks stunning in mass plantings.