8 things to know before visiting the USA

Choose a Region:

Instead of overwhelming yourself with the vastness of the USA, focus on one region such as New England, the South, or the Pacific Northwest.

Duration of Visit:

Plan to spend at least 10 days to fully immerse yourself in a region. This allows time for exploring cities, national parks, and other attractions.

Flexible Itinerary:

Avoid overplanning your days and leave room for unexpected delays or opportunities. Serendipity often leads to the best experiences.

Reservations for Outdoor Activities:

Some popular hikes and activities in national parks require advance reservations. Check park websites well before your trip.

Museum Reservations:

Like national parks, museums can also get crowded, especially during temporary exhibits. Make reservations for popular museums and attractions.

Consider Weekday Visits:

Mondays can be quieter for dining and exploring, especially in small towns or remote tourist areas.

Pack Layers for Hikes:

Regardless of the season, pack layers for hikes as temperatures can vary, especially in mountainous regions. Don't forget sun protection and sturdy footwear.

Friendly Greetings and Punctuality:

In the USA, greetings are usually polite but not overly physical. Shake hands when meeting someone new and be punctual for appointments or meetings.