8 Totally '80s Hairstyles Made Modern for 2024

Modern Mullets

The modern mullet offers a balanced look, blending lengths and textures for versatility. Variations like the micro-mullet suit different hair types.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut combines shag and mullet styles with short, choppy layers throughout, achieving an '80s vibe with a modern twist.

Fluffy Blowout

Achieve big, bouncy hair reminiscent of the '80s by lifting roots with volumizing products and using a metal round brush.

Curly Shag

Reviving the '80s perm look, the curly shag uses modern products for hydrated, frizz-free curls, whether natural or styled.

Modern Crimping

Versatile crimping tools create volume and texture without harsh lines, offering various styles from beachy waves to glam waves.

Gravity-Defying Texture

Embrace natural texture and fullness with a deep side part, enhancing airy, voluminous curls with suitable products.