9 Lighting ideas to make your kitchen shine

Embrace Your Home's Location: Let your home's location inspire your lighting choices. For a beach house, consider pendant lights with a slight nautical theme, like vintage copper pendants in a beachfront property in New Jersey.

Quadruple Your Lighting: Sometimes one pair of lights isn't enough. In a midcentury modern Texas home, gold ombré pendants and dark sconces provide task lighting over countertop workspaces.

Take Inspo From Outside: Bring outdoor elements indoors with a custom lantern featuring hidden task lighting, perfect for prepping meals at the island in a Lake Michigan getaway.

Replicate Hanging Fruit: Enhance period features with a colorful refresh, including a sculptural light fixture and a hanging fruit basket that reflects the chandelier's shapes.

Join the Monochrome Scheme: Create drama with a navy blue, dark gray, and cobalt blue color story in your kitchen, complemented by berry-shaded fluted lights for harmony and depth.

Try a Table Lamp: Brighten up your kitchen with a table lamp if you can't install a light fixture in the wall or ceiling. Opt for a metallic finish lamp base for added brightness, as seen in a New York City kitchen.

Rival the Sun: Choose pendant lights resembling the sunrise to maintain a cheery atmosphere in a small pool house kitchen with cream and pale yellow color scheme.

Brighten Up a Farmhouse: Combine thrifted finds and a crisp white hue with charming opal glass shade pendant lights to revamp a rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Embrace the Quirks: Make a bold statement with a unique yet timeless kitchen featuring a lavender and blue paisley mural complemented by an elaborate chandelier, creating a glamorous yet welcoming space.