9 Things You Shouldn’t Have To Endure in a Relationship Regardless of Age

Couples rarely start hitting from the start, so it might sneak up. From an initial shove or slap, relationship issues often escalate to undesirable behavior.

Physical abuse

Things to avoid in a relationship go beyond physical violence. Insulting and undervaluing you are subtle forms of mental and emotional abuse.

Mental and emotional abuse

Ignoring and shutting out your feelings is demeaning in a relationship. Stonewallers refuse to answer and may leave mid-conversation.


Trust, respect, and understanding of each other's differences underpin great partnerships.

Ignoring boundaries and needs

This should never be tolerated in a relationship since it will steadily damage your self-esteem.

Never apologize

Does your partner dictate your attire, company, and activities? Do you ever feel like you're doing activities you'd rather do something else?

Manipulation and control 

Nobody wants a relationship with an overprotective mother. Jealousy is unpleasant and should never be tolerated in a relationship.

Obsessive jealousy

At times, we all doubt ourselves. The worst thing is if your partner compares you to other women.

Comparing irrationally

Allow no disrespect. It's that easy, especially when someone insults your physique or character. No one is flawless, especially a shamer.