9 Weird and wonderful cold-blooded wildlife

Axolotl: Found in lakes near Mexico City, these amphibians have the unique ability to regenerate lost body parts, making them both weird and fascinating.

Frilled Lizard: With its impressive frill around the neck, this lizard can extend it dramatically when threatened, adding a touch of drama to its appearance.

Goblin Shark: Living in the depths of the ocean, the goblin shark's protruding jaws and elongated snout give it a bizarre and otherworldly appearance.

Mantis Shrimp: Despite its small size, the mantis shrimp packs a punch with its powerful claws, capable of delivering lightning-fast strikes with incredible force.

Glass Frog: Transparent skin makes these amphibians appear almost invisible, allowing observers to see their internal organs, adding to their mystique.

Leaf-Tailed Gecko: With its cryptic appearance and ability to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, this gecko is a master of camouflage.

Matamata Turtle: Found in South America, the Matamata turtle has a distinctive appearance with its flat, triangular-shaped head and rough, knobby shell, making it a peculiar sight

Blobfish: Resembling a gelatinous mass, the blobfish inhabits the deep sea and has a peculiar appearance due to its lack of muscle structure.

Hagfish: These jawless marine creatures are known for their slimy appearance and ability to produce copious amounts of slime as a defense mechanism.