Fake Eyelashes Are Outdated In 2024 - Our Tips To Maximize Your Natural Lashes

This adjustment may surprise anybody who's discovered the ideal falsies for their eye shape, but it makes sense given transition from heavy and theatrical makeup to minimalist clean-girl trend. 

Making your lashes sparkle is simple: grow them longer and thicker. Despite the many "growing hacks" available, only bimatoprost, contained in Latisse, has been shown to enhance eyelash growth. 

Add A Lash Serum To Your Routine

Diet and vitamins won't make your eyelashes grow long and thick like a prescription lash serum, but they will help your body hairs grow healthily. Eat lots of fatty fish, chia seeds, and walnuts to get omega-3 fatty acids for hair and lash development. 

Take A Look At Your Diet

That includes appropriate makeup removal. Leftover eye makeup may damage lashes by accumulating residue. It's best if they seem limp under makeup, but it may also cause lash loss.

Never Sleep In Your Makeup

Coconut oil is used in several lash growth suggestions. Topical oils won't grow your lashes longer or grow new ones for a thicker lash line since there's little proof they can. Keeping your lashes nourished with oils will lengthen and thicken them. 

Moisturize With Oils

Stress happens, and unfortunately, our bodies cannot turn it off. Although stress is unavoidable, it harms physical health, including hair and lash development. 

Minimize Stress And Catch Those Z's